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by dunamis & Sophia okunowo

Singles Devotional – August

Word. Meditation For The Day. Confession For The Day. Chronological Bible Reading. 90 Prayer Points. Action Plan For The Day

by dunamis & Sophia okunowo

Couples Devotional – August

Word. Meditation For The Day. Confession For The Day. Chronological Bible Reading. 90 Prayer Points. Action Plan For The Day

by dunamis & Sophia okunowo

Children’s Devotional – August

Word. Meditation For The Day. 30 Confessions For Children. Chronological Bible Reading. 30 Prayer Points.

by dunamis & Sophia okunowo

The Christian Couple, Orgasm & Sex

How can a husband help his wife experience orgasm regularly? What are forbidden areas in the bedroom? What about oral sex? What about bondage sex? What is permissible in the bedroom? What about waiting mothers? What about sex on wedding night? All these and more are explored in this eBook. It’s a must have for married couples!

by Dunamis & Sophia okunowo

Handling & Overcoming Delays

There are several people out there who are experiencing one form of delay or the other. Singles with no suitors. Suitors showing up, but never materialising into marriage. Married but still waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. There are also people who have brought one type of delay or the other on themselves because of outright disobedience or some form of disconnection from God. But there are even those who have stayed faithful to God and yet there is delay. This book deals with what delays are in marriage, how to handle them, and how to overcome them.


by Dunamis & Sophia okunowo

26 Ways Of Knowing True Love

Most of the relationship and marital problems are predicated on assumptions that one is in love when one isn’t!
Can one really know what true love is? ’26 Ways of Knowing True Love’ profiles twenty-six different ways to know what true love is, to identify if it is true love or just fleeting feeling, and will help you to interpret your emotions correctly!


by Dunamis & Sophia okunowo

20 Things Every Single Person Needs To Know About Sex

This Mini-Book is handy and yet very profound. It is a “must-read” for all who love and believe in their future. It is a quick refrence for Singles on Sex, amazingly providing answers on several questions on Sex in a Single’s mind. In this book, Dunamis and Sophia shed light and explain in straight-forward ways what singles need to know about sex. get the book for yourself and for your friends, it is a nice way of telling him or her “No Sex Before Marriage”


Best Selling AuthorS

Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo

Rev. Dunamis Okunowo is the facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club (KHC), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2007, and is the organizer of the conferences tagged “Kisses and Huggs Mega Conference” and “Kisses and Huggs Club Camp Meetings”.
He is a minister, writer, conference speaker, relationship counselor, marriage therapist, and author of KHC devotionals. You can connect to him via

His ministry, which reaches families and individuals in several nations of the world, has been significant over the years in helping singles and young couples overcome challenges especially in the area of relationships, dating, courtship, marriage, sex and sexual perversion.
Together with his wife, Pastor Sophia Okunowo, they pastor a Church (Shouts of Grace Center), an assembly of young and vibrant people in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Rev Dunamis and Rev Sophia are Master degree holders in Communication and Language Arts and in Managerial Psychology respectively, and are happily married and blessed with three boys – Dunamis, Doxa and Dunamai.

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